DDP Yoga: Energy

First, I’m sorry this is late. This has been the day from hell on my end, which means I didn’t do any kind of workout until late. In fact, I’m still feeling sweat on my forehead¬†at the moment from the workout, so all these recollections are pretty fresh.

As promised, today I did the DDP Yoga workout called “Energy.” Continue reading “DDP Yoga: Energy”

DDP Yoga – Aftermath: Part 2

Following the workout from yesterday, I figured I should spend some time today discussing the aftermath yet again.

As noted yesterday, I’d forgotten how strenuous the workout actually was,¬†and that was over just a couple of days. I’m making it a point to remember it today because tomorrow I do a harder workout that, frankly, I don’t expect to make it through. Continue reading “DDP Yoga – Aftermath: Part 2”