DDP Yoga: Energy

First, I’m sorry this is late. This has been the day from hell on my end, which means I didn’t do any kind of workout until late. In fact, I’m still feeling sweat on my forehead at the moment from the workout, so all these recollections are pretty fresh.

As promised, today I did the DDP Yoga workout called “Energy.”

Dear Diamond Dallas Page,

What the hell were you thinking, calling this workout “Energy?” Is it because it saps all that you have and leaves you as a wilted puddle on the living room floor? Because that’s what happened to me.


Seriously, folks, that’s pretty much what happened. Energy is the first true workout of the system and is shown as a 21:00 workout on my DVD. I have no idea what the last little bit of it was, because I only lasted about 12 minutes.

Now, I’ll confess to being out of shape. Being injured isn’t an excuse for all of it, but when you can’t lift, it’s easy to let everything else slide, and that’s just what I did, and now I’m paying for it.

The moves are challenging as hell, and they’re fairly quick so you’re not getting much in the way of scheduled “down time” within the workout. That said, DDP does remind the viewer that Safety Zone (Child Pose) is an option, which I took advantage of once before I realized I was about to die.

For a long time, I was kind of down on Yoga. Yeah, it was exercise and all, but it wouldn’t do what I thought a guy really needed.

Let’s just say I’m modifying that.

Again, I’m skeptical that it will meet all my needs, but the needs I’ve laid out for myself aren’t exactly the normal need. What I will say is that this first workout was a damn solid workout that left me sweaty and tired, which is the primary indicators I have to whether the training was solid.

Since I also know I stretched out muscles and joints, there’s that too.

Lessons Learned

What did I learn? First, I need to structure my Fridays better. Fridays are weird for me because my work involves writing a handful of extra posts for the weekend, which means an increased workload. That’s fine because it means more money for me, obviously, but it also screws up my normal plans.

That was furthered by having some people to stop by the house and survey some water damage from a busted hot water heater a couple months back. That added some distractions that slowed the normal process way the hell down.

Oh, yeah, and I learned that Energy wasn’t any damn joke.

I’m not expecting to be particularly sore tomorrow because I haven’t been sore yet, but I really don’t expect that to be a bad thing either. While I still think of it as evidence I got a good workout in, there’s some thought that soreness is a bad thing because it inhibits you from training hard the next time you step up to workout.

What I am, however, is exhausted.

I’m also concerned that working out so late may screw up my sleep because it has in the past, but we’ll see. I somehow don’t think that’ll be the case, though.

We’ll do an aftermath post tomorrow, then back off on talking about the yoga quite so much. What does this place look like, anyway? A yoga blog?

So, just for a change of pace, here’s a video of UFC fighter and Special Forces soldier Tim Kennedy and what he’s been up to lately. Looks like he and I are on the same wavelength.

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