Provider, Protector and Professor. The Role of Man Part 3: The Provider

This is the third part of a new series on the role of men in a family unit, regardless of what forms that family takes.  These are based on the historical role of men from early tribal, hunter-gatherer societies and are still pertinent in this advanced day and age.  Read Part 1, Read Part 2.

First, let me apologize for taking so long on this one.  The truth is, I needed some time to wrap my head around the role of man as the provider in this day and age.

Photo by Carol Mitchell
Photo by Carol Mitchell

Once upon a time, man served as provider because he was the hunter.  He ranged far and wide and brought back the all-important meat.  While the woman would gather greens and seeds, meat was the most vital part of the diet because it was so difficult to come by at the time.

When mankind shifted an agricultural society, man took to the fields.  He either herded animals or raised crops.  Women, due to biology, were relegated to keeping house as they nursed young.  After all, it’s incredibly difficult to fight off wolves or harvest wheat with a baby stuck to your breast. Continue reading “Provider, Protector and Professor. The Role of Man Part 3: The Provider”