A World Gone Crazy

The world has clearly lost its mind.

As I’m sure you’re aware, we had a jackass sending bombs to people he disagreed with politically. Then yesterday, we had a jackass talk into a synagogue and start shooting people simply because they were Jewish.

This comes after months and months of low-level violence in the form of riots and assaults against people because they supported a certain politician and just a year and a half or so ago when a man tried to exterminate members of Congress for being part of the wrong party.

We are living in interesting times, in the Chinese curse sense.

And honestly, no one is ready for this. None of us are. You don’t get “ready” for stuff like this. Not completely.

What we’re looking at is little more than the start of an internal civil war. If something doesn’t give, we’re going to watch our nation torn apart, so it’s time to dig in and get as ready for this kind of thing as possible.

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How Our Soft Society Is Hurting Future Generations

I’m a fat guy. I know it, I admit it, and while I’m not particularly proud of it, I’m also not going to be so ashamed of it that I lie to hide that shame. I’m not as fat as I once was, being down 30 lbs from where I started from, but I still have a long way to go too.

However, I also know that it wasn’t until adulthood and family life was permitted to get in the way and bad habits were introduced that it even became an issue. Today, though, being overweight isn’t the exception. It’s the rule in far too many cases.

More importantly than the number on the scale, though, is the complete lack of physical fitness I see today.

The thing is, it can be fixed if we allow it to be.

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