Why Not All Studies On Exercise Are Created Equal

Or how I learned to stop just looking at the results

Earlier this week, I made mention of a study on kettlebell training. It had some interesting outcomes, but that study also illustrates a key point that I need to discuss in the name of intellectual honesty.

You see, while the study was an interesting one and the findings were fascinating, there was a problem that I failed to consider while discussing it, and it’s time to set the record straight.

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Do Kettlebells Actually Make You Stronger?

What does science actually say about strength training with kettlebells?

If you’re going to look at any kind of training such as kettlebell training, you need to know if it’ll do what you want it to do. While I do think that your enjoyment should play a factor, as previously noted, I also think you need to understand what will happen if you engage in a given training modality.

With barbells and dumbbells, even with calisthenics, people already generally know what to expect. If you lift weights, you’ll get stronger and can get bigger muscles. Similarly with calisthenics.

But kettlebells are different animals. Despite having been around for centuries, few people really understand what they can really do.

That includes me.

So, as part of this ongoing quest to figure them out, let’s look and see if they can really make you stronger.

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