Let’s Just Be Men

While doing research for both this site and another project I have in the works, I’ve noticed something, and I’m not sure just how I feel about it.  That is how so many sites ostensibly about masculinity and men’s issues spend an inordinate amount of time kvetching about feminists.

Photo by Mike Maguire
Photo by Mike Maguire

Make no mistake, I’m no fan of modern, third-wave feminism.  Yes, women should be treated equally, but that’s not what this version of feminism is really about based on my readings.

However, many guys spend so much time complaining about feminism that they forget they’re supposed to be talking about men.

Frankly, I don’t really care.  When feminists attack masculinity, men in general, or something important to us, I’ll respond.  Other than that, maybe a passing mention because I despise their ideas of masculinity.  I’m just not that interested in their opinions. Continue reading “Let’s Just Be Men”