Dave Goes Barbarian: Where Lies End and Truth Begins

I’m feeling philosophical today, my barbrethren. I spent yesterday sorting and reorganizing the garage while Mrs. Dave helped some friends conquer a neighboring village move house temporarily. Consequently, I got a peek at the past. Which, as Mum says, is a different country, and besides, the wench is dead. I’m not really clear on that last part, but contextually, it seems to fit. Continue reading “Dave Goes Barbarian: Where Lies End and Truth Begins”

Provider, Protector, and Professor. The Role of Men Part 1: The Protector

This is the start of a new series on the role of men in a family unit, regardless of what forms that family takes.  These are based on the historical role of men from early tribal, hunter-gatherer societies and are still pertinent in this advanced day and age.

Throughout history, men have filled certain roles in society.  They’ve filled those roles because, for whatever reason, they’re ideally adapted for them.  Whether they evolved to fill them, or whether they filled them because of their evolution, we’ll never know.

Photo by Jaroslaw Popczyk
Photo by Jaroslaw Popczyk

One of the key roles of men is that of the protector.

Men since the dawn of time have taken on the mantel of protector, and they have been adored because of it.  The hunters, the warriors, all the way to the members of our armed forces and law enforcement and fire departments today.  Men generally have an innate sense of obligation to protect people.

Feminists will argue that women can do these jobs just as well as the men.  They point to a number of women doing these very jobs as proof that men are no longer needed to serve as protectors.

There’s a problem with this, however. Continue reading “Provider, Protector, and Professor. The Role of Men Part 1: The Protector”