Reach For Greatness

Most of us like to believe that we have value. We demand others treat us as though we do, and for good reason. We’re free men and women. We have a right to expect to be treated as if we matter.

But then we go through life, eventually dying, and what do we leave behind?

Oh, we have our families who will miss us, but what about beyond just that?

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When Doing Good Enables Evil

Earlier today, I encountered a story that infuriated me.

It seems that a couple teamed up with a homeless guy to basically scam people out of a whole lot of money. Those are the allegations, at least. If true, then these people have betrayed a great deal of trust. They’ll also make it harder for people to do good in the future.

After all, the question on everyone’s mind will be whether this is legit or another scam.

For me, though, I feel a slightly more personal betrayal, despite never having spoken with any of the three alleged to have committed this act.

You see, I wrote about this touching story and, in the process, probably helped them scam some people.

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