About The Writer

If there’s one thing I really hate to talk about, it’s me.

However, I need to tell you all a little bit about me so you know who the hell it is you’re reading.

My name is Tom Knighton. I’m a full-time writer living and working in Southwest Georgia. My “day” job is to write about politics, but there’s a lot more to me than that.

I’m a husband, a father, a Navy veteran (hospital corpsman), and all-around geek who is could be into anything new at any given time.

By Spear and Axe started because of a need I saw that I felt needed to be filled. So, I tried. Then I realized that I had plenty of places to have those discussions and actually get paid for it. So, it changed. Over time it’s turned into what it is today, a website where we talk about fitness and weight loss as well as some historical fighting techniques.

That’s because I was pretty obese and I’m not anymore, I’ve been pretty weak and I’m not anymore, and think fighting with a sword is pretty cool. Plus, there are more real-world applications for that kind of thing than most would admit.

And that’s something that drives me. A lot.

You see, my day work reminds me there are wolves out there, and it helps to be ready to deal with them. So why not train, have a little fun, and maybe also be ready for them?