About The Site

Personal improvement for troubled times.

By Spear and Axe started out with a mission. That mission was to help men be better men. However, over time, that mission changed.

I recognized that the world was a messed up place What it needed wasn’t just men who could deal with it, but women too. It needed a new brand of citizen warrior to deal with those threats.

However, we live in a world where two-thirds of all Americans are overweight or obese. We live in a world where children get diagnosed with type two diabetes, something that wasn’t heard of back in my own childhood.

We live in troubled times. People are responsible for that trouble, but a lot of that trouble isn’t maliciousness. You won’t face off with the forces of evil during civil unrest, but heart disease is different.

Yet deep down inside, a lot people know something isn’t right. They want to reach back to the warrior history of our ancestors and resurrect the brave and noble warriors from there. They want to reach into the pages of stories and breath life into the great heroes who have only ever existed in the pages of fiction.

Some call that dreaming.

Not me. I call it understandable. Completely understandable.

By Spear and Axe is a place that embraces that archetype and focuses on using it to help achieve not just your health goals, but also your personal goals. We propose a new way of being, of interacting with the world. The Way of the Barbarian.

We don’t pretend this is the only way, or even an ideal way for all. It’s simply a way. But it’s also a way that will inspire, motivate, and keep you training. Keep changing for the better, not because others demand it, but becauseĀ you demand it.

Isn’t that what really matters?