Rock You Like A Hurricane

Today, I trained in a hurricane.

No, really, I did.

You see, I am slap dap in the middle of the track for Hurricane Michael. That’s not even a little bit of hyperbole. I’m 100 percent certain that I’ll be in the middle of its eye.

Because of that, even though I’m fairly well inland, we’re already getting rain and that rain is part of Michael.

So yeah, it sounds a lot more badass than it really is. Still, there was something I found through this that I thought was kind of profound.

You see, for a long time, I’d look for reasons to not do things. A couple of weeks ago, even, I was probably looking for reasons to not train. I wasn’t hyped about training and while I still lifted, I knew I didn’t really want to.

Had Michael shown up then, I’d have probably taken the day off and felt perfectly justified. After all, it’s a freaking hurricane. What can a guy do?

But this week, something was different.

My first plan was to possibly lift on Tuesday and just end up with a double day off. However, when I saw the track and timeline and realized I’d have time to train before the worst of it hit.

So, I did.

For the record, I did get a little wet from the rain. After all, I had farmer’s walks to do and I don’t have enough space under any kind cover to do them and stay dry.

With that, though, I really did train in a hurricane.

Of course, there’s a flip side to this. I could have been training in the worst part of the hurricane. While I’m not bothered by bad weather, as a general thing, so I could well have been trying to do overhead presses outside with tropical depression-strength winds blowing me all over the yard.

That could have been…interesting.

Luckily, everything should be good to go now so far as training. By the time comes for me to lift on Friday, the storm will be gone and I’ll be putting stuff back together.

What I do know is that no matter what hardships come up, I’ll work around them. After all, if I could work my training around a hurricane, I know I can work around just about anything.

Author: Tom

Tom is a husband, father, novelist, opinion writer, and former Navy Corpsman currently living in Georgia. He's also someone who has lost almost 60 pounds in a safe, sustainable way, so he knows what he's talking about.

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