DDP Yoga – Aftermath: Part 2

Following the workout from yesterday, I figured I should spend some time today discussing the aftermath yet again.

As noted yesterday, I’d forgotten how strenuous the workout actually was, and that was over just a couple of days. I’m making it a point to remember it today because tomorrow I do a harder workout that, frankly, I don’t expect to make it through.

However, what I do expect to manage is to make it through the workout without worrying about being all that sore, because I’m not. Not really.

I say that because while I ached like crazy on Tuesday, I don’t really ache today at all. Even my shoulder is doing better. While I still feel a little bit of tightness there, it’s lightyears better than it was just two days ago.

Now, does this mean DDP Yoga will fix injured shoulders? Not really. I’m not even 100 percent sure it’s fixing my injured shoulder. What I do know is that my shoulder feels better despite working out yesterday, which indicates it isn’t having any negative impact on the shoulder itself.

That’s all I can ask for. Especially if I can get at least a little bit of strength gain and increased flexibility and balance. The last two are definitely benefits of yoga, and you can gain some strength at the very least.

Yes, I’m still a bit skeptical, but I have a confession to make: I’m forcing myself to be skeptical.

I have a tendency to fully embrace anything new that seems like it works until I get to a point of oversaturation, followed by disillusionment. That’s been the cycle of my life, and it’s not a healthy one. By any stretch of the imagination.

Yes, I may be about to drop a pile of money on workouts, but I still want to keep a bit of skepticism for a long time on this, but I also have to be honest. It’s kind of hard and for several reasons.

One is that I slept great Monday night and last night, but not so much Tuesday night…or most nights, to be honest. Is that yoga specifically or just that I’m working out in some manner? Who knows.

What I do know is that that’s a tangible result I’m seeing and I’m not overly picky about the cause. I’ll be able to discern that a bit when I start incorporating some interval kettlebell swings in on the “off” days from Yoga. That should tell me definitively whether or not it’s yoga or working out that’s doing the trick.

As of right now, I’m not seeing much else, but that’s OK. I’m willing to try and be patient. While I’m not as patient as I’d like to be, I do know that two workouts generally aren’t enough to warrant some drastic change.

Still, I’m optimistic.

Going forward, there will be one more of these aftermath posts. The next one will be Saturday. I do the workout titled “Energy” tomorrow, which means I’ll be giving my aftermath thoughts on Saturday.

After that, I’ll probably curb that aspect a bit unless something happens or I do a different workout or something. If I somehow injure myself during a workout, I’ll talk about it, etc.

I’ll also do aftermath posts when I do a new workout of any kind, not just DDP Yoga or things of that ilk. I don’t think yoga will give me all the tools I need, but I do think it’ll help with almost all of the tools I need, so there is that.

Now to move forward.

Author: Tom

Tom is a husband, father, novelist, opinion writer, and former Navy Corpsman currently living in Georgia. He's also someone who has lost almost 60 pounds in a safe, sustainable way, so he knows what he's talking about.

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